Monday, 28 May 2012


Yesterday I had a little trip down to Teesside, the first time I've been down that way for ages!!! A gorgeous White Winged Black Tern had turned up at Saltholme, and as I was doing nothing in particular I decided to pop down and see it. The bird was picked up immediately on arrival, mind you it helped that Stevie Howard was watching it in his scope when I pulled up! We were then joined by Paul Anderson and we watched the Tern put on a fabulous display up and down Back Saltholme. Its only the second time I've seen this species in the UK, the other one also being at Saltholme. While there we also saw seven Little Gulls, the first ones I've seen in a couple of years.
On the way back home I called into Crimdon Dene to see the Little Tern colony for the first time this year. The numbers looked really good, and hopefully they'll have a much better breeding season this year. As long as those pesky Kestrels stay away!

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