Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Yes, I admit it, I succumbed. I didn't particularly want to, didn't really intend to, but when I left work on the Tuesday night before the bank holiday weekend I drove down to Hartlepool to see the Orphean Warbler. I got the message while at work on the morning that the bird had been trapped and Ringed (jammy gits!!!) at the bowling green. I did consider going to see it if it was still around after work but to be honest I wasn't actually that bothered cos I'd seen a load in Portugal last year, so it wasn't a lifer for me. But then as I left work John Brown rang me and pretty much ordered me to go and see it, seeing as it was over 30 years since the last one was seen in the UK! I genuinely didn't realise how much of a rare bird this was in this country, so after Johns gentle push I decided I'd go. When I arrived there was still a considerable crowd for what was a mega twitch, and thankfully people pointed me in the direction of where the bird was roosting. So, bird successfully seen. But I fancied having a slightly better view so decided to hang around to see if it would wake up or something! It took 30mins for the lazy swine to actually move, but when it did it put on a great display flying around and feeding for the excited crowd. That was better! So it was worth going down after all, and meant I didn't have to wait another 30 years for the next one to turn up.

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