Monday, 7 May 2012


Yesterday I had easily the best Ringing day I've had since starting just over a year ago. With a nice early start at 5.30am, myself, John and Andy were joined by Adrian for the first time this year. Unfortunately he's been extremely busy this year, so it was great to have him back with us. As I progress as a Ringer, this years plans include trying to get me to Ring a lot more different species, and with that in mind Adrian had a full day planned in the hope of getting me a handful of new species. It began on the morning, as the two of us split up from John and Andy and went to Ring in the Nature Reserve of the Coastal Park. Its the first time I'd Ringed in this part of the Park, but hopefully it wont be the last. I absolutely loved it! It was nice to be doing something different, and it didnt take long at all to get my first new species, a lovely male Linnet in the first net check of the morning. Then the next one came along, a female Reed Bunting. A good start. As the morning went by, the birds came and went and by the end of it I'd bagged five new Ringing species, Linnet, Reed Bunting, House Sparrow, Woodpigeon and Starling. That put me upto 42 species. The afternoon would hopefully get me a couple more!

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