Monday, 7 May 2012


On saturday afternoon myself and John decided to have a try putting the nets out even though the wind was probably going to spoil things. This proved to be the case unfortunately, but while we were having a lovely cup of tea in the Ringing Hut we got news of a Wryneck being seen just down the road in Cornthwaite Park. I had only ever seen one of these birds before so was raring to see this bird. So myself and Dougie jumped into Keiths van and the three of us zoomed off. When we arrived a handful of birders were already onto the bird, as it was happily feeding out in the open. Alas it was just a touch too distant for the lads to get any photos, and even worse after a while it went into the foliage and out of sight. We'd been joined by Steve by that point, and the four of us went round the other side of the hedge to see if we could relocate it, and thankfully after a little wait the bird came out and posed for us beautifully. It was a delight to see it so close, and see how attractive its cryptic plumage is. As more birders arrived we decided to head back to the Hut and finish our tea.

Before coming to the Hut, Keith had been over to the Academy Pools and managed to see 3 Wheatears and a female Whinchat. So after putting the nets away myself and Walter popped in on the way home. The Wheatears we found straight away, but the Whinchat was proving more elusive. Thankfully though it came out and posed just in front of us.
Thanks to Keith Mac for both photos.

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