Saturday, 29 October 2011


John had a much needed lie in this morning, so it was just myself and Adrian at the nets first thing. The weather was cold and breezy and we both had a feeling we'd be in for a quiet morning. This definitely proved to be the case early on, as the birds were barely trickling in. A couple of new Robins and Chaffinches were our scant reward, along with a few retraps including a nice Blackcap. Having crawled out of bed John eventually joined us, and on the next check of the nets I got my first Ringing tick of the day, a female Bullfinch. Apparently a male had just eluded the net while they were getting checked but the female wasnt so lucky. I was delighted to Ring a new species, especially as the day hadnt looked too promising. And even more amazing, it was the first Bullfinch Ringed at the Coastal Park! Shortly afterwards myself and Adrian were coming back from checking the far nets when a big flock of Long Tailed Tits flew over us and into our main mound. Adrian immediately noticed a much smaller bird tagging along with the flock, and said hopefully 'thats got to be a goody!'. So the three of us went up and split up to check the nets. I didnt get anything, so I went to see how John was doing. When I got there I was greeted by the site we were hoping for, the flock of Long Tailed Tits. Myself and John proceeded to get the birds out the net, and then Adrian arrived to get the last couple out. As we were taking all the birds to the hut, John said to Adrian that he had the little bird and he was keeping it till last. So, after doing all of the others, I was told I could Ring the mystery bird. I put my hand in the bag, got the bird in the right grip, and pulled out an absolutely stunning FIRECREST!!! I was ecstatic, these are one of my favourite birds ever, and I had one right in my hand. Once again I owe John and Adrian a big thank you for giving me the bird to Ring, its really good of them. Understandably the rest of the day couldnt top the Firecrest. We did have another couple of Long Tailed Tit flocks but nothing exciting was in amongst them.


  1. I just saw one of these on my back porch in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. These are not native in the States, am I correct? He flew into our back glass door and was stunned. He sat there for close to 30 minutes before flying off. Can you tell me anymore about them?

  2. Hi Amy. First of all I am extremely sorry for not replying sooner, I've literally only just noticed your comment. You are absolutely right, the Firecrest is not a native in the States. I believe the bird you had was a Golden Crowned Kinglet, a bird almost identical to our Firecrest but it does have one or two very subtle differences. Its quite a widespread bird in North America, I believe it breeds in the more northern states and migrates south in the winter. Like the Firecrest its a beautiful little bird and would be a superb sight in your back yard!!! ;-)