Thursday, 13 October 2011


Absolutely typical!!!! We take the whole of last week off to do some serious Ringing and we got nowt. Back at work this week and what happens??? Adrian and Andy were both off today so decided to do a bit of Ringing. Things started off quietly, but then Adrian got a call from Dave Forster who had seen a superb bird next to one of the nets in the area known as the Arc. It was a stunning RED FLANKED BLUETAIL. Adrian literally ran as fast as he could just in time to see the bird go into the net. He quickly got the bird out, bagged it and returned to the Hut. He then handed it over to Andy who had the pleasure of Ringing it. It was almost two years to the day that Adrian trapped and Ringed the Parks only other Bluetail. Andy gave me a call so I raced over and Adrian put the word out to the local birders and also birdguides. Before long an expectant crowd had gathered to get a good look of this very scarce bird. So Adrian brought it out showed off the little beauty to the excited audience. Hundreds of photos were taken and smiles were wide. After 20minutes or so Adrian took the bird back to the area it was caught and let the bird go. Everybody went their merry way with a spring in their step. I stayed for another half hour, Ringed a couple of birds then went back to work.

Thanks to Dougie for the photos.

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