Saturday, 8 October 2011


When we arrived early this morning we all pretty much agreed that we'd be very lucky to get any birds in the nets today. The weather was a lot better than the gales of the last few days but it still was pretty cack. So imagine our surprise when we had nearly forty birds in total! Mind you, a really large flock of Long Tailed Tits (below) almost made up half of our mornings total. These little beauties are one of my absolute favourite birds in the world, and I never ever tire of seeing them. Another little bird that I simply adore is the Goldcrest (above), and we were blessed with another good tally of these stunning creatures with ten birds ringed in all. The Thrushes are still coming in, we had three Redwings and a single Song Thrush in the nets but a lot more were seen and heard. A lone Blackcap was the only Warbler of the day. The rest of the birds were regular common stuff. But today was a perfect example of an age old saying - you never know whats going to happen!

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