Wednesday, 9 February 2011


As I seem to be spending a fair amount of time at Southwick at the moment, I decided to have a little wander on my lunchbreak today. I had a fabulous hour exploring the scrubby area along the riverside, although an hour was nowhere near long enough! There were some great habitat to search, with plenty of common birds on todays visit, but with the exciting prospect of some possible rarities on future visits. The place looks perfect for something good to turn up! I can just picture a good Warbler giving incredibly frustrating views in the coming months!!! On the river itself there were loads of Gulls, which cried out to be examined. The best I could come up with today were a couple of Great Black Backs, but again the potential is there. There were even a few Waders on the exposed mudflats. But the undoubted highlight was a stunning Peregrine soaring over. It caused chaos amongst the loafing Gulls and seemed to put the whole lot up. The poor Falcon was getting it from all sides and eventually flew off towards the coast. A great start to a place I hope to visit as often as I can in the coming months.

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