Sunday, 23 January 2011


Well, this year myself and Maria (erm, ok, mainly Maria!!!) have decided to re-do some of the rooms in the house, mainly the bathroom & the kitchen. Unfortunately this means we are unlikely to have any holidays this year. As much as I love going abroad I love Maria more, so if a new kitchen & bathroom keeps her happy then so be it! At least I've got the week on Mull to look forward to. And if we have any spare money left after the decorating who knows what might happen? So anyway, this weekend has been mainly spent looking for tiles & bathroom suites, BUT I did get an hour or so this morning to go down to Crookfoot Reservoir to hopefully see the female Smew. Last year, a female Smew (possibly the same bird?) was also at this site at the same time of year so I decided to look in the same place and sure enough after just 10 minutes it came out from the far channel and started feeding with a small flock of Goldeneye. It was great to catch up with this relatively scarce species. It would have been nice to see an adult drake as they are stunning birds but hey, beggars cant be choosers. It was very nice to see the Goldeneyes displaying. Spring must be just round the corner!!!

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