Monday, 21 February 2011


On thursday we had probably the best meeting the Group have had since our humble beginnings less than a year ago. We've come such a long way in such short time. A prime example of this is the fact that on thursday we were joined by Clare Rawcliffe from South Tyneside Council. She's heard a lot about us and wanted to come along and find out for herself what we were about and what our goals were etc. I think she was very impressed with what she heard, and asked if we would like to co-operate and work together on future projects in the months ahead. Its a huge compliment knowing that we are trusted and respected enough to be asked to take part in important surveys and projects, and something we are all looking forward to. She also asked if we could pass on any sightings we had of any Mammals and Amphibians we see in South Tyneside when we are out and about. And so it was decided that I would be given the posh title of Animal and Amphibian Recording Officer for the Group. I'm more than happy to do the job.
After Clare left, we then discussed in depth the projects that we have ongoing ourselves. The great news was that our planning permission had been approved for the Feeding Station we are building in Whitburn Coastal Park. Also, we'd had no objections from the local community about our plans so we are ready to go. Our application for Lottery Funding has also gone through to the second stage so we are all incredibly hopeful we will get the approval and be given the funds to make our plans come to fruition. We have also got plans to start monthly guided walks for the general public in the summer months starting in April. These are currently in the development process. More immediately, we have plans to move some trees that have grown too big in the Coastal Park and hope to transport them to Trow Quarry. This has to be done sooner rather than later, so thats what we'll be upto in the next few weeks. Busy and exciting times ahead!


  1. that sounds very positive Jason
    Congrats on your new position ! & best of luck.