Sunday, 27 February 2011


I was so naive. So totally, utterly, ridiculously naive. You see, when Maria said the words ''we're going to do the bathroom'', I genuinely thought we were going to do the bathroom. I quite obviously didnt realise that the words ''we're going to do the bathroom'' ACTUALLY means ''we're going to do the ENTIRE house from top to bottom''!!!! With the bathroom all but complete I thought I'd have a lovely, relaxing weekend seeing what wildlife I could find around the local area. But no. No no no no no no no. No! This weekend I have been sanding down the upstairs doors and banister and then putting undercoat on them because, if I understand things right, the new bathroom is so nice it makes the rest of the house look so vile and hideous that even a rat wouldnt live in it. Or something like that. So, apparently, after we've finished painting upstairs, we're then getting a new kitchen (which to be honest I did know about) and then after that we're changing the living room. And after that, god knows!!! Will it ever actually end? I bloody hope so!
At the moment, the only wildlife watching I'm doing is on my lunch breaks. The next two weeks I'm working at Hendon so I'll be visiting Mowbray Park quite a lot. I havent been there for months so it'll be nice to see whats around.
Oh, and of course I'll be keeping a good eye on my pond. There were two frogs in there today. Lets hope they 'enjoy each others company'!

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