Sunday, 5 December 2010


The Coastal Conservation Group have an extremely healthy, productive and more importantly friendly relationship with the National Trust, and in particular Mick Simpson. We have a lot of things in common and our group can learn a lot from the Trust, and they have been extremely helpful and welcoming since our inception just over 6 months ago. AND LONG MAY THIS CONTINUE!!! And so in the spirit of friendship, the members of the Group were treated to an excellent presentation and tour of the iconic Souter Lighthouse. It was conducted by Nick Dolan whose passion and enthusiasm was extremely infectious, and more importantly he made the evening interesting! After a brief history of the National Trust, he moved onto the Lighthouse itself. It was designed by a guy called James Douglass and opened in 1871. It was the first lighthouse anywhere in the world to use electricity, and at the time was a modern marvel! Its powerful light could be seen for upto 26 miles. Interestingly, although its called Souter Lighthouse its not actually at Souter Point, its at Lizard Point. It was originally to be placed at Souter Point but it was decided that Lizard Point would give better visibility. BUT, they didnt call it Lizard Lighthouse because there was already a lighthouse called that at Cornwall and they didnt want people to be confused! Apparently the lighthouse used to be painted black and white, but now it is painted a far superior red and white. Although it was decomissioned in 1988, the lighthouse is still in full working order. Wow, I'm amazed at how much info I've remembered!!! Anyway, the tour included a look at the engines and mechanics and all the stuff that keeps the lighthouse working, which I know absolutely nothing about but I smiled my way through it! More excitingly though we got to go to the top of the lighthouse which is a lot higher than you might think (76 feet I think?). The views were fabulous, and were further enhanced by the gorgeous deep snow, giving it a beautiful picture-postcard feel. It was a really good night, and we as a group were extremely grateful to Nick for making it a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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