Sunday, 5 December 2010


Had a visit to the infamous 'freezer hide' at Rainton Meadows today to hopefully get a look at the current star attractions - a pair of Bitterns. I've only ever seen one before, up at Cresswell last year, and it wasnt the best of views so I was hoping for a lot better today. When I arrived at the hide I was quite surprised that there was only one person there (Shaggy/Glen), seeing as Bitterns are extremely scarce in our area! Thankfully Glen was already on one of the Bitterns and he quickly put me onto it (cheers mate!). It wasnt out in the open but it was quite easily seen in amongst the thin area of reeds it was foraging in. Then after about twenty minutes RokerMartin arrived, but just as he was setting himself up the bird went further into the reeds and out of view. To be honest he neednt have worried because a further ten minutes later the bird came out right into the open and onto the frozen pond, giving outstanding views. We were all very happy. But, it was about to get even better! From out of nowhere, the first Bittern was joined by a second bird. And unbelievably they were both out on the frozen pond giving simply stunning views. This isnt meant to happen!!! These are one of the most shy and skulking species of bird and yet here was two of them practically waving at us and jockeying for our attention! It just doesnt get any better than this.

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