Friday, 31 December 2010


So then, its New Years Eve, and we bid farewell to 2010. Its been a terrific year for wildlife. I saw a total of 228 different species of birds, a record total for me, my previous best being 223. I saw 8 birds for the first time in the UK ; PTARMIGAN, CAPERCAILLIE, CRESTED TIT, BLACK THROATED THRUSH, LESSER YELLOWLEGS, SPOTTED CRAKE, SHARP TAILED SANDPIPER & SQUACCO HERON. I had 3 new species of mammal; HARBOUR PORPOISE, MOUNTAIN HARE & a MOLE! 4 new dragonflies; 4-SPOTTED CHASER, EMPEROR DRAGONFLY, BLACK TAILED SKIMMER & COMMON HAWKER. And a single new butterfly; SMALL PEARL BORDERED FRITILLARY. With two fantastic holidays abroad this past year I've also had the chance to see lots of new things away from home, whether it was in the forests of Jamaica or the desert of Egypt. Both holidays were superb.

So, what of 2011? I absolutely love seeing something new, no matter what it is. I particularly want to see more butterflies, and with a little help from Deggsy I hope to get the chance to do just that. Bird-wise, I've currently seen 293 species in the UK. I must admit, I wouldnt mind getting to the 300 milestone if I can. Its not hugely important but its not something I would turn down! But I have set myself 2 definate tasks for 2011. The first is to try and see 250 species of bird in the UK. With trips to Norfolk & Mull, I reckon I've got a fighting chance. The other challenge, and the one I'm most excited about, is to see as many species of bird as possible in the City of Sunderland. Its not something I've tried before so I'm quite looking forward to it. And it all starts tomorrow!!!



  1. nice to be able to year tick you this afternoon... even if it was only at range..... ;-)

    looking forward to see how you get on in & around Sun'lnd - that Long tailed Duck 's one to hoover up sharpish

    ps. you missed the Chester Mandarin by a couple of hundred yards... ;-)

    Mail me ur moby number

  2. Dammit, thats bloody typical! Was it closer to the main road? I somehow missed any Dippers there as well, but there's plenty time for those. Where were you when I was there? If I'd seen you I'd have come and said hello.
    The Long Tailed Duck was one of the 1st birds I saw yesterday. I thought I should get it quick just incase!!!
    I've had a relatively slow start so far with just 58 birds, but I'm sure it will pick up.
    My mobile number is 07541212861

  3. Mandarin was upstream of the Weir
    Mick says 2 fem Mandarin there today

    (got a duck nest box closeby.... fingers crossed)

    Realy interested to see what sort of totals we can muster in the Sunderland area....

    Got ur number