Thursday, 20 May 2010


Well, just over a week to go now for our second attempt at going to Jamaica! Hopefully that Icelandic volcano will behave itself this time! Now, although this is of course a lovely romantic relaxing two weeks with my beautiful wife (just incase she reads this!!!), I will no doubt still be able to sneak away and see as much wildlife as I possibly can. Of the 28 endemic bird species, I've got a decent chance of seeing maybe 23 of them. The others are on the other (east) side of the island, and I doubt I'll be heading that way. There are other caribbean birds available to boost my lifers total as well. The worst part of our initial trip being cancelled in April was the fact that I'm going to miss out on quite a lot of migrating american Warblers. But hey, its not the end of the world is it! Seeing as my World List currently stands at 772, I'll be more than happy to get 28 new birds to take me to the 800 mark. I dont think 800 different species in 6 years of birding isnt too bad is it?


Saw my first COMMON BLUE BUTTERFLY of the year today at The Dell park. Lots of butterflies out enjoying the sunshine, especially SPECKLED WOODS.

Speckled Wood


  1. Go on then mate ill be your first follower it better be good lol. Good luck its fun but tying.

  2. Seems i've clicked the "FOLLOW" button in error . . .

    I thought i was gonna get me a free ticket out to Montego Bay !

    Welcome to the massed ranks of Durham birders who blog . . .

    Hope you get away to d'you make 'er at the 2nd attempt.

    Good Luck its fun typing.

  3. Thanks Davy. I no longer feel alone!!!

  4. Steve mate, I've loved reading your blog for ages, and its one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge myself. I hope I enjoy doing it as much as you clearly do. Cheers.