Friday, 28 May 2010


Well, the end of another extremely tiring and stressfull week at work. Its been so busy that I've only actually had one day where I've managed to have a lunch break. The other days I've just worked through. So the local lunchtime patch has been a bit neglected this week. I did though get a new patch tick, HOUSE MARTIN. That takes the total upto 25! About 4 or 5 were seemingly playing with the local SWIFTS. Its fantastic to watch. Other than that, it was nice to once again watch adult birds feeding their young. STARLINGS, GREENFINCH, LONG TAILED TIT, BLUE TIT and GREAT TIT were all seen feeding, and I saw a SONG THRUSH with food in its bill but didnt see where the nest was. I'm still surprised at the lack of Warblers in the park. The only one I've had so far is a CHIFFCHAFF, and that was only once. I thought there'd be a few more. The butterflies were also enjoying the sun. No new species but plenty of the usual mob. Still SPECKLED WOOD the most abundant. I did see my first mammal of the park, a RABBIT. I'm sure I'll keep discovering more in the weeks to come.

Of course the one thing thats been keeping me going this week is the knowledge that at the end of it I'd be on a plane heading off to another exotic destination. This time round its Jamaica. It'll be my fourth country in the caribbean I've been to - after previous visits to Tobago, Trinidad and Cancun. Maria absolutely adores the caribbean. If she had her way she'd visit every single island! So on Sunday we'll be making the 9 hour trip (yippee!). Dont miss me too much while I'm away.

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