Sunday, 31 March 2013


The day before we came home, myself and Maria had an excursion booked via the tourist rep under the rather extravagant name of ''Island Cruise''. It wasnt quite as grandiose as it sounds, but it was definitely a fun way to end our holiday. We were picked up in an old-style fishing boat and headed toward the open sea for the first part of the trip, Dolphin spotting! It took us quite a while but we did eventually come across a group of around ten Dolphins lazily braking the surface and headed off to get closer looks. They were very slow swimmers and we caught up with them easily enough but they would frequently go under for long periods and re-appear miles from where we were! I wasnt sure what species they were so I asked the skipper and he said they were (Indo-Pacific) Humpback Dolphins, a brand new species for me. Once everyone had had their fill of the Dolphins we then headed off to do a spot of fishing. This was proper old-school type of fishing, no rods just a hook on a line! It was incredibly fun, and I caught a couple of lovely little tiddlers, but it soon got even more special. We had anchored just off a lovely little island, and as everyone was enjoying the fish I decided to scan the island for birds. (Its just what I do!!!). I noticed a fairly large looking bird perched a liitle way in the distance, and as I focused my binoculars on it it dawned on me what it was, it was the Sea Eagle! I couldnt believe how lucky I was!!! After missing it on the earlier River Trip I genuinely thought I'd missed my chance, but here was one right in front of me looking splendid in all its glory. I turned to Maria to tell her of my delight when another Eagle flew right over the boat giving incredibly close views. I was ecstatic!!! It truly was a superbly fitting end to a magnificent holiday and something I will cherish for a long long time.


(picture at top BRAHMINY KITE)

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