Sunday, 3 March 2013


So, it would seem I haven't updated my blog for a little while once again! But for once it's not TOTALLY down to my laziness, as I have had one or two technical problems with the laptop. But it seems to be running okay at the moment so we'll see how things go.
Since my last post I've finally had my first ever solo Ringing session! I put two nets up in the Nature Reserve for a couple of hours last weekend, more for the practice than anything else as I knew I wouldnt get a big catch. Things went very smoothly and I ended up with 15 birds Ringed, almost half of them being Reed Buntings. In fact a Reed Bunting took the honour of being the first bird I've ever Ringed on my own!
I've been very busy in the Coastal Park lately, both with the CCG and doing my own things. I've been preparing the southern end of the Park for the coming spring so I can do some Ringing down there, by cutting back on foliage and also creating a few new Ringing lanes. Its a part of the Park that hasnt had much attention Ringing-wise but has lots and lots of potential, and it'll be very interesting what I eventually get in the nets. I'm still regularly seeing to the feeders in the Nature Reserve, although not as often as when it was freezing. On my visits I regularly bump into the local Fox, and lately he's been joined by a beautiful Short Eared Owl hunting the southern end of the Park. Its always a superb sight.
On the homefront, I came home this afternoon and saw my first Frog of the year in my garden pond. Hopefully it won't be too long before I see the first frogspawn.

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