Saturday, 4 February 2012


It was bitterly cold when I got up at 6am this morning, but that doesnt deter an adventurer like me! I'm made of sturdy stuff you know. Today myself, John and Adrian headed up to Blyth harbour in the hope of catching and ringing some Gulls. With a usual Gull roost of 200+ birds we were hopeful of getting at least a couple of individuals in the nets. But when we arrived it didnt look promising at all as there were very few birds around. Undeterred we put out a couple of nets, bated them with fish and bread and waited. And waited. And waited. Despite the offer of free food, nothing was tempted to take it. It was so frustrating! There were plenty of birds coming to have a nosey around but not one of them fell for our traps. We tried a number of different locations but today nothing seemed to work. It was just one of those days! Gulls are notorious for being very difficult to catch and we certainly found that to be the case this morning.

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