Monday, 20 February 2012


After last weekends excellent Short Eared Owl catch, myself and Adrian went over again to have another try last night. Adrian decided to try a different tactic, instead of putting the nets out at the roosting area he put them out in their hunting area. Nearly 350 feet of netting was put up in two areas where they had regularly been seen hunting. Just before sunset Adrian watched a bird twice fly over the net, both times just avoiding being caught. Unfortunately after the sun went down we didnt see a single Shortie out hunting. However, our disappointment didnt last too long when we found this absolutely stunning immature Barn Owl waiting for us on a net check. Once again Adrian kindly gave me the pleasure of Ringing the bird as I hadnt done one before. I can honestly say it was by far my best Ringing moment since I took it up nearly a year ago. It was a beautiful bird and a privelage to hold. Despite the fact it was the only bird we caught I still went home absolutely delighted.
On friday a few members of the CCG spent an hour or so planting a load of Willows in Trow Quarry. We chose Willow as it is extremely easy to plant and it usually establishes very easily in most areas. It is hoped that they establish here, as a lot of plant species struggles. It would be a much needed area for passing birds to shelter in as they stop off on their long journeys north and south.

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