Sunday, 7 November 2010


I spent a pleasant couple of hours with the Coastal Group this morning planting 400 trees & shrubs on the Leas. Some were planted to extend the hedge thats currently there and the rest were placed on and around the mound. We were extremely lucky with the weather, it had rained overnight making the ground very soft and easy to dig but it actually stayed dry the whole time we were there. In fact it was a glorious autumn morning. Its surprising how quickly it took us to plant what we had. 400 sounds quite a lot of plants, but it only took 10 of us just under two hours to do the business. Its hoped that about two thirds of the plants will survive. The plants chosen are tried and tested in this kind of environment and the team are optimistic that a good number will take and flourish. As I am totally clueless when it comes to plants I am happy to take there word for it!!! In the years to come its hoped that these plants will be used by a good number of passing migrants (lets face it, The Leas does pretty well for this already!), and also it is hoped that species like Linnets and Finches may even nest. In the coming months we're hoping to plant more saplings in Trow Quarry.

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