Sunday, 20 January 2013


The snow arrived in force this week, finally giving January a real wintery look and feel! I know snow isn't popular with everybody, but I absolutely adore it. It just has a unique knack of making everything and everywhere look pretty, no matter where you are. I also really like the cold! Apparently this makes me weird but as usual I take that as a compliment. The Coastal Park has been particularly beautiful this past week, and its been real pleasure doing the feeders. The new bird table has been an absolute godsend for the local birds and the seed has been taking a hammering. I've observed nearly 20 different species taking advantage of the free meal on offer, including a small flock of gorgeous Fieldfares. Yesterday I put 10 small apples out on and around the table and on checking today every single one of them had been eaten! Its a lovely feeling knowing our hard work is being appreciated.

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