Saturday, 14 April 2012


I've not had the chance to post for a little while due to a few niggles with the laptop but everything seems to be running fine again now. In all honesty there hasnt been a great deal to write about due to the less than impressive weather recently. But we were back in action this morning, as myself and John were taken to a site close to Lanchester by our friend Jimmy to visit one of the many Dipper boxes he has put up in the area. Once we managed to get across the ferocious torrent (see pic!) we checked the nest box and discovered there were six newly hatched chicks, barely over a week old, so both John and I ringed three birds each. It was a brand new experience for me, having never ringed an adult or a chick Dipper before!

The Coastal Park Ponds are looking absolutely superb at the moment. Just after the launch event, Steve managed to pull off a brilliant coup but getting Northumbrian Water to fill both of the ponds up with water from the local estate. Even better, they agreed to do it absolutely free of charge! No idea how he did it, but what an incredible job he did! He then contacted the local Fire Brigade, who were more than happy to do the actual filling. And so, over the space of two days, the ponds went from empty to fantastically full! A couple of days later a group of us did a little finishing off by covering the exposed liner with soil, making it look a touch more natural and prevent any damage over the coming years.

Thanks to Steve for the pictures.

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