Sunday, 11 March 2012


This afternoon, myself and Adrian were joined by Jimmy at a site not too far from Seaham as we had probably our last attempt at catching Owls this winter. We arrived at around 2pm and immediately had two Short Eared Owls fly over us as we were putting our nets up. This looked promising! Well, sometimes looks can be deceiving!!! Despite a few more flyovers the Owls went nowhere near the nets. We thought we may as well wait till the sun went down to see if we could get anything, but nothing was happening. So just after 7pm we decided to take the nets down, and thats when we found this little beauty! A gorgeous juvenile Shortie. We ringed the bird then took the weight and measurements and I managed to get quick picture before we let the bird go. This is the fourth Short Eared Owl that we have ringed this winter, which is a fantastic number. But thats probably going to be the last for now as John will probably be starting back at Whitburn next weekend. Lets see what the spring passage brings us!

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