Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Myself and John went back to the Golf Course this afternoon to see if we could get a few more Tree Sparrows in the net. The weather was a lot milder today, but the Golf Course itself was loads busier so we didnt get near the number of birds we had last time. Still, we managed to Ring another 14 new Tree Sparrows which we were delighted with. Thats 29 individuals in our two visits. It'll be interesting to know how many are in the flock altogether.


  1. great little birds & great results there Jason- they seem to be on a right boom at the moment.

    Had 120+ in 2 flocks within a mile of that golf course last week,
    and a single flock of @ 120-140 this afternoon on the eastern edge of Durham City - best numbers ive seen locally for over 15 years.

    All the Best.

  2. Yeah theyre doing really well at the minute, which is great news. There's also a canny little flock gets on the feeders at Boldon Flats. That Golf Course is a brilliant place, Jimmy took me and John for a proper wander around the other day. He says the Owls are doing really well in the area.