Friday, 22 April 2011


Mothing is slowly starting to improve as the days (or nights!) are warming up. There were eleven different species in the trap over the weekend, eight of which were lifers for me. The species were (lifers in capitals) RED SWORDGRASS, DARK SWORDGRASS, WHITE ERMINE, Clouded Drab, DOUBLE STRIPED PUG, WATER CARPET, Hebrew Character, PINE BEAUTY, TWENTY PLUME, Common Quaker & STREAMER. Since Nick started the trap up 4 weeks ago I've had 18 new species already! I also put my own moth trap on for the first time this year and got a grand total of TWO moths! Both Hebrew Characters. Nothing too exciting but it was still a garden tick.
Pine Beauty (top) White Ermine (middle) & Streamer (bottom)
Mammal trapping was less successful last weekend with just the single female Wood Mouse caught. But we've still had at least something every time we've put the traps out.

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