Sunday, 3 October 2010

HOLY ISLAND 02-10-10

Had a trip up north with Foghorn today to Holy Island. The main target was Great Grey Shrike which would have been a lifer for Foggy, and the first one I had seen in six years. When we got there though things werent looking promising. It hadnt been seen since early morning, and having searched for more than 2 hours we were losing all hope. In fact the island was pretty much devoid of any birds, the highlights being a Wheatear and a Redstart. But, just as we were about to call it a day a lady waved at us from the dunes area and we wandered over just in time to see the Shrike perched on a fence post. It quickly flew to another post where at stayed long enough for us to get very good views. Needless to say Andrew was ecstatic!



  1. Couple of really good shots there, and also throughout the blog Jason. I was nearly with you on island, but had prior arrangements:-( Cheers Brian.

  2. Cheers mate! I just hope you dont think its me who took the pictures cos that couldnt be further from the truth!!! Nah, they were taken by various different people. I do actually mention it at the top of the blog, just incase people think I'm something I'm not. But you're dead right about them being good! ;)
    As for the island, apart from the shrike it was absolutely dead! A barred warbler had apparently been seen early morning but had disappeared when we were there.
    Happy birding.